Advanced Solutions

1000 mbps Internet Port

$35 per month

Additional IP Addresses

1 IP – $5 per month
5 IPs – $10 per month

Managed Firewall

$50 per month

Add-on services are available for order during the dedicated mac mini,  mac mini colocation, or mac pro hosting checkout process.

Private Mac Cloud

Utilizing the software VMWare, we can create a custom mac cloud solution utilizing genuine Apple hardware. These cloud clusters are both scalable and redundant, allowing your business to grow as quickly as needed. We apply volume pricing to cloud clients. Pricing is dependent on the size of cluster and type of hardware used. Contact us to discuss your project.

Extra Storage Options

Some projects require additional space and redundancy beyond the standard server hard drive. We offer several storage solutions, including external hard drive rental and colocation space for storage devices such as Drobo Mini, Promise Pegasus, or any 1U rack mounted unit.

USB External Storage Rental

500 GB USB HDD — $10 per month
1 TB USB HDD — $15 per month
2 TB USB HDD — $20 per month

Colocation of Network Storage

Colocation NAS (5-bay) — $50
Colocation NAS (8-bay) — $75

*Requires shipping your own external storage bay device*

Network Storage Rental

Dedicated NAS (6 TB RAID 5) — $175
Dedicated NAS (12 TB RAID 5) — $275

Professional Services

Our team of professionals are available to help you with any custom IT service necessary to help make your project a success. No job is too big or small. Professional support services are billed at $85 per hour.