Ways To Use A Hosted Mac Mini

Web & Email Hosting Server

A hosted Mac Mini makes a perfect small web server. The UNIX based operating system provides a tremendous amount of flexibility. Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Postfix are all straight-forward to setup. With an Intel Core i5/i7 processor and up to 16GB of RAM, using a Mac Mini as a web and email hosting server is both powerful and cost effective.

If running Mac OS X, turn your machine into a server by purchasing the Server.app from the AppStore. Using this application will turn your mac into a fully functional web and email server. Other features include wiki server,  file sharing server, shared calendars, and address book allowing for simple collaboration amongst your team.

Off-site Backup

Off-site backup is a perfect function for the Mac Mini in a data center. It provides a low-cost platform which saves you money each month compared to even the most basic 1U colocation package. At a monthly price our Mac Mini hosting will save you money on your off-site backup scheme. Rsync and SSH, both common tools in UNIX can be using to make incremental backups to your Mini. You can also use Apple Time Machine to backup business or personal computers to a remote mac mini server.

FTP Server

A mac can make a great file transfer protocol (FTP) server. A popular solution for photographers and designers to show off their work on a super fast connection. Don’t waste time uploading and download files over slow broadband. Use your server to store all of your mission critical information. You can rest assured your equipment and data is safe within our secure facility.

Daylite Database Hosting

Mac OS X Server is a perfect platform for small to mid-size database hosting. The Mac Mini can also be a cost effective disaster recovery platform if your main corporate database goes down. With support for up to 16GB of DDR3 memory, the Mac Mini can now be used for a variety of resources intensive and missions critical applications. One very popular Mac-based CRM solution is called daylite, which allows users to collaborate around the world. Daylite databases are a perfect fit in our datacenter. Updates can be sent to your iPhone or iTouch making it a truly mobile solution. Storing your daylite database in our facility protects your business from local Internet outages and physical threats. Your team can work from a coffee shop, the office, or from home without any special configurations. Mac OS X Server also provides a power suite of tools to simply server administration. With the integration of time machine, backups are a breeze. You can even run additional services along side your daylite database, like e-mail or FTP, making this a perfect all-in-one solution

Development & Proofing

The Mac Mini makes a great development server. Mac OS X has long been the operating system of choice for many graphic and web designers. Using the Mac Mini as a server allows developers to work within a comfortable environment. Application developers can write and work in a native Mac OS X environment. This allows for a simplified testing, proofing, production process. Ruby on Rails (RoR) is an open source web framework which has become popular with developers because it focuses on making developers happy. Mac OS X Server is the prefect platform for hosting your RoR projects. If you are a rails developer a hosted mac mini makes a prefect base of operations allowing simplistic testing, proofing, and publishing.