Common Questions Before You Sign Up

Do you charge for support?

Initial support is free for the first 48 hours after setup. If needed we also always provide free basic connectivity support to determine why your Mac Mini or Mac Pro is unavailable. All hardware service is free for dedicated hosting clients. [...]

Do I have full administrative access to my machine?

Yes! Both dedicated and colocation hosting clients are given complete administrative access and control of their machine. Your Mac Mini or Mac Pro is 100% yours and is not shared with any other client. Remote access is achieved by using [...]

How do I access my machine remotely?

MAC COMPUTERS: To connect via a mac, we recommend opening Safari & typing your IP address as follows -- vnc:// You can create a shortcut to this address by opening Safari, type vnc://serverip, and then drag the shortcut to your desktop. [...]

How does remote reboot work?

We will provide you with a login and password to an APC Masterswitch PDU. In the event that your server locks up, You can use this device to reboot your server directly from the power strip located in our server [...]

What if I experience problems during setup?

We want to ensure you are happy with the equipment setup. During the first 48 hours that your account is active with us all support inquires are free of charge. This gives us time to work out any configuration or [...]

How quickly will my dedicated machine be online?

Most orders are fulfilled within 1 day, usually a few hours after ordering. During this setup period we test the server to verify all components are functional and network resources are consistently available. Our goal is to provide a stable [...]

Why use a mac mini as a server?

The Mac Mini represents a monumental step forward in computer design. The Mac Mini is a perfect fit within the data center because of its low power usage, reliable hardware, and small form factor. The Mac Mini comes standard with [...]

Common Questions From Current Clients

Adding Multiple IP Addresses in Mac OS X

While the mac mini only has a single Ethernet interface, it is possible to assign more then one IP address. To achieve this you simple need to create a second Ethernet entry. Within System Preferences [...]

Proxy Server for Mac OS X

Running your own proxy server is a great way to ensure reliable US region connectivity without risk of the blacklist from bad actors. All of your data is 100% secure so you don't need to [...]

Admin Quick Keys

Interested in learning new commands to administer your Mac? Here is a list of commonly used commands to aid in your usage of a Mac Mini Server. Most Commonly Used Commands Shift+Apple+Q – Log out Shift+Apple+Delete – [...]

Mac OS X Server SSL Renewal

Whether you have a self signed certificate or a commercially available certificate, changing it is very easy on a Mac Mini. 1- Simply go to Server Admin and under the servers menu your server should be [...]

Fix “Black Screen” on VNC

Screen sharing sharing is an excellent tool to allow remote use of your Mac OS X server. The issue is you may occasionally run into the situation where you receive “The Black Screen”, a white [...]

How to submit a support ticket

If you are experiencing problems with your service please submit a support ticket to our staff. This can be done by emailing You can also login to our billing system to submit a ticket [...]