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Mac Mini Colocation Plans

What is Server Colocation?

Colocation refers to housing your own servers in a professional datacenter. This type of hosting gives you access to the many advantages of a datacenter (greater Internet bandwidth, increased security, & advanced infrastructure) while maintaining a low cost of use.

Mac Mini Legacy Colo

$30 Per Month
Colocate a Legacy Mac Mini
(Model Year Pre-2010)
  • Complimentary Remote Reboot
  • Unlimited 1G Internet Port
  • Large Case - Any Hardware Configuration
  • Any Operating System

Note: All orders are processed by our parent company UTLogo

Important Tip for Colocation Clients:

Before shipping us your machine please be sure to enable the auto-power on failure setting in the system preferences. This will allow your Mac Mini to come back online after a remote reboot!

Mac Mini World Features

Our colocation solution can support a wide range of custom configurations including the legacy mac mini, apple tv, and time capsule devices. You can also colocate odd sized disk arrays, like those from Promise and Drobo.

The Mac Mini World staff can provide hands on technical support for linux, windows, and mac os x. Let us know how we can help by filling out the special requests field at the end of checkout.

1 gbps
Internet Port

Fast internet (1GB) connectivity with multiple fiber carriers. No monthly limiting.

1 Static
Public IP Address

Ability to purchase additional blocks of IP addresses is available for a small fee.

Remote Reboot

Clients receive a free remote reboot port, allowing you to reboot your server from anywhere in the world.

No Contract
or Commitment

We understand that not every project requires a long-term plan. No contract is required for all hosting services.

Add-On Hosting Services

We offer many add-on services for hosting clients including external storage solutions, additional Internet port speeds, additional IP addresses, & managed firewall solutions. Our team of experts are also available to provide private mac cloud clusters and other custom professional IT service projects.