Mac Mini Colocation

What Is Server Colocation?

Colocation refers to housing your own personal server in a professional datacenter. This type of hosting gives you access to the many advantages of a datacenter (greater Internet bandwidth, increased security, & advanced infrastructure) while maintaining a low cost of use.

Purchase Mac Mini Colocation – Any Generation or Model

Mac Mini Colocation - Mail in Your Own Mini

  • Complimentary Remote Reboot
  • Unlimited 1G Internet Port
  • Any Operating System
  • 1 Static IP Address

Important Tip for Colocation Customers:

Before shipping us your machine please be sure to enable the auto-power on failure setting in the system preferences. This will allow your Mac Mini to come back online after a remote reboot!

Note: All orders are processed by our parent company

The Next Steps

Once your order is received, a customer service representative will contact you with your login credentials. Most orders are fulfilled within 1 day, usually a few hours after ordering. During this setup period we test the server to verify all components are functional and network resources are consistently available. Our goal is to provide a stable & reliable Mac platform for hosting production websites, app development, and e-mail.